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There are several channels available in Greenbank Church for publicising a forthcoming event or activity. This page suggests how you can use them.

Who can use the publicity channels?

Users are normally office bearers of Greenbank Church organisations.
However, if you represent an organisation which uses the Greenbank premises, or if you are a member of the congregation with a particular cause you want to publicise, you may be able to use the Greenbank publicity channels. All requests to publicise events, projects and causes will be sympathetically treated, but bear in mind that the Minister and Session Clerk have the authority to make a final decision on whether an event should be promoted. For more information please see Seeking Permission and Payment.

The contacts for each publicity channel have an editing role and, for various reasons, may modify or abridge the text you supply, or even reject it. The use of any images and logos supplied by you is again at their discretion.

How to publicise an event or activity

  1. Write a brief account of your event or activity, making sure that times and places are clearly given.
    Work at making this text as short as possible. Gather relevant logos, photographs or other illustrations.
  2. Decide which of the publicity channels are appropriate (see below); there may be several.
    Pay attention to the lead times required to use them. Don’t leave things to the last minute.
  3. Contacts are given in the publicity channel description. Email one of them.
    Explain your requirements, and pass on your raw material as attachments.
    If you cannot use email, provide a printed or handwritten account of the item to be publicised.
    Do not use ‘word of mouth’, as this is unreliable – there is no record of what has been asked for.

Publicity Channels

Order of service intimation Poster
Greenbank website Ticket
Greenbank Connections Photocopying
Greenbank Facebook page Flyer
Hall corridor monitor Email
Advertisement in local free magazine Banner
Announcement during church service  


If the publicity item is persistent, e.g. an entry in the Greenbank website, a poster on a notice board,
or flyers still in the vestibule, then please ensure that these items are removed or taken down once
the event or activity is concluded. In the case of notices or posters on church noticeboards, ask the Administrator to do this.


For reference, here is a list of the people involved in helping with publicity at Greenbank.



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