Greenbank Eco-Group

The Greenbank Eco-Group evolved, starting as a Board group focused on energy saving, then developing a wider agenda with more emphasis on Christian Stewardship of the Planet. Seeking to play a part in the fight against climate change the group now has several strands :

  • Facebook Group providing a neighbourhood  forum on Green Issues
  • Providing an article from one the group in every issue of Connections
  • Greening the front of the church
  • Ethical procurement - Fairtrade consumables, flowers, sustainable products etc, raw materials for handyman
  • Church building improvements to meet ethical standards e.g. ensuring the new boiler can be converted to burning Hydrogen, insulation of buildings

Cop-26 logoThe Eco-Group are very interested in COP-26 NOV 1-12 2021

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Greenbank Church is currently a holder of the Bronze Award of Eco Congregation Scotland and are working towards the Silver Award.

Here is the Church of Scotland's toolkit a Practical Path to Net Zero Carbon For Churches

Pre-Covid Activities:

Bike Day – demonstrations of electric and cargo bikes. Bike fixing clinics.











Congregational Survey and Exhibition

Members were given survey forms on entry to the church and encouraged to visit an exhibition including a computer running energy calculations. Results of the survey were published in various issues of Connections.

Film Nights

Various films have been shown with lively discussions afterwards

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Information about COP-26