Programme for Spring 2020


Young Church

Young Church is an exciting place to be on Sunday mornings, at 10.30am from August to June, with breaks at major school holiday times. Come into Church first with Mum or Dad for the part of the service just for you, and then go to your own special group.


Play! Sleep! Eat! Enjoy the ‘Oohs and aahs’ of admiring adults. That’s the biggest part of life for babies and toddlers under 3. In the Crèche there are toys to play with, sleep is always an option and there are admiring adults to care for you while Mum and Dad are in church. The crèche meets every Sunday at the 10.30am service (10.00am in the Summer), including Communion Sundays. Go on! Be persuaded and try us out!


Spectrum 1 — for Children aged 3 to P2

Who wants to sleep when there are stories to hear and pictures to paint and things to make and songs to sing? Maybe you have started Nursery School — now’s the chance to show what you can do! Mum or Dad won’t be far away — just far enough to let you get on with the fun.


Spectrum 2 — for Children in P3 to P6

It’s a pretty big book, the Bible. So why not find out about it and some of the people in it with help from friendly adults? This is the place to learn more about Jesus and the Church — to listen but also to explore by doing and making. Your friends will be there too.



Springboard — for Young People in P7 to S2

Questions welcome! Discussions enjoyed! These might be the mottos of Springboard, Greenbank’s group for those in the first three years of secondary school.  Meet at 10.30 to attend part of morning worship and then gather in the Pentland Room to explore Scripture Union’s “The Grid” programme.

We also have outings and special events throughout the year!


QII — for Young People from S3 onwards

QII is a friendly, welcoming and vibrant group of young people who meet on Sunday evenings from 7pm in Greenbank Church during term times. The only thing we have in common is that we are all different!

When we are not planning our next adventure, we have lively discussions on topics that are important and relevant to us as individuals and as members of our Church, listen to invited speakers, have games nights and discuss our own faith with the Minister.

We invest some of our energy into raising money for charities that are important to us locally in the community as well as abroad.

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