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Type of Information

Text, images (if you must, but keep them small), links to web addresses.


If you have the email addresses of the people with whom you wish to communicate, then there is nothing to stop you sending all of them the same email.

Notice required

Not relevant. You will be doing this yourself. The email will start being received as soon as you send it.

Other comments

Take some care over the text of the email, and of the ‘Subject:’ field.

Do not use the ‘To:’ field multiple times. Instead use the ‘Bcc:’ field multiple times to nominate the email addresses you wish to send your email to. By this means recipients do not see the email addresses of other recipients, which is good data security practice.

Do not send large attachments to multiple recipients; this is regarded as bad practice. Instead, put any large attachment (Word file, photograph, etc.) onto a web page, and reference the web page in your email. Speak to one of the website contacts if you need help with this.

Website Contacts

Rona Sommerville
David Ferguson
Alison Murison
John Murison

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