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Type of Information

Text and graphics.


  1. You will need to get permission from the Minister before putting up a banner on the gable end of the church. He may want to see and comment on the banner design.
  2. Decide what text you want on your banner. Keep it as short as possible – the larger the text size the more likely it is to be read.
  3. Decide what graphic elements to include: these need to be attractive or striking as well as relevant to the subject matter. Normal practice is to include the Greenbank logo.
  4. Decide whether you are able to design and produce the banner yourself, or require assistance. If the latter, supply the relevant components to a contact.

Notice required

There are two stages to the production of a banner: 1) Arriving at a design; 2) Getting it produced. The design can take up to a week or longer, depending on the availability of those involved. The production can be completed in about a week at best, but may take much longer.

Other comments

A basic service is offered in banner design. The design process is considerably accelerated if it is email-based.

Banners put up on the gable end of Greenbank Church are 4m x 1m. They require specific eyelets to match the fixings in the wall. Greenbank Church has used a specific banner production firm for banners intended to be put up on the gable end of the church.

A banner has to be paid for by the relevant Greenbank organisation. The cost of a wind-permeable banner, the type currently preferred, was £98 + VAT in early 2017.


John Murison (design; liaison with banner production firm)

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