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Type of Information

Text and images which can fit on one or both sides of an A5 or A6 sheet. (A5 is half the area of an A4 sheet; A6 is half the area of an A5 sheet.)


Normally such a flyer will need to be typeset (see Contact, below), which will entail a series of drafts and revisions before a final version is reached; it may take some time to achieve this. You also need to decide how many copies of the flyer you need, and consider their distribution. If you wish to place anything in the pews, the Minister’s permission must be sought first.

Notice required

Depending on how the flyer is being produced, allow at least a fortnight before it is required. If it is not being printed in-house, then the printing firm you are using will tell you how long they need to produce and deliver it.

Other comments

Out-of-house printing:

1)   advice is available;

2)   it is good practice to get at least two estimates before deciding which firm to use;

3)   payment will be involved – you should establish a budget before you start.


John Murison

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