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Order of service

Order of Service Intimation

Type of Information

Text only (no pictures or logos).


Submit your intimation to the Church Administrator. Email is good for this, although a typed or handwritten note is acceptable. Keep the text as terse as possible – space is limited.

Notice required before start of activity or event

Send your intimation to the Administrator by 10am on Thursday morning at the latest for inclusion in that Sunday’s order of service. But don’t leave it until Thursday if you know what you want to say earlier.

Other comments

Space in the Order of Service for intimations is limited. The Administrator, at her discretion, may shorten your intimation or hold it over to a later week if not time-critical.

Tell the Administrator if you wish the intimation to be repeated on subsequent Sundays; and, if so, say when this should stop.

The intimation will probably also appear in the What’s On page of the Greenbank website and in the website Calendar.



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