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Type of Information

(The Greenbank Facebook page is here.)
Any snippet of news which can be published at large, and might be of interest to Greenbank members and to the wider public. Positive ('good news') stories are usually welcome.
Text and images are desirable – text only can be rather dry.
Web links should be used rather than copying material available elsewhere.
If adding a photograph, please provide explanatory text, however obvious you might think the image is.


Summarise the news item, or save the web link you wish to have included as a Greenbank Facebook posting, and email it to one of the Facebook contacts.

Notice required

A few days. On the other hand, the item might be posted very quickly.

Other comments

This communication channel is unique in potentially reaching a large audience, well beyond the bounds of the Greenbank congregation and parish. This provides a powerful opportunity, but one should also be careful that the right tone is being used for the posting, whose publication on the Greenbank Facebook page will associate it with our church. For example, while individuals might choose to take sides in a current moral controversy, it will usually be inappropriate for Greenbank Parish Church as a body to do so. For this or other reasons, your Facebook contact may decide that the posting is inappropriate.

For more on this, see Steve Chaffee’s Social Media Guidelines (pdf or docx).

The Church of Scotland has also issued Social Media Guidelines for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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