4th Braid Greenbank Beaver Colony meets in the main hall of Greenbank Church on Tuesdays from 6.30 to 7.30pm.  We enjoy working as a Colony on our Challenge and Activity Badges as well as crafts and games, always learning to keep our Beavers motto - to be Kind and Helpful.   We go on various themed outings to local parks as well as further afield.  Recently we have enjoyed visits to Tollcross fire station, from the police and had a sleepover at Bonaly Outdoor Centre.  We also did fundraising activities for the Guide Dogs and for Marie Curie Hospice, we made and filled planters during Scout Community Week.

We have a very long waiting list and we can take names from 5th birthday through to 6th birthday.  Email your child's name, date of birth and home address to

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