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Livestreaming - problem solving

Livestreamed Service Problems

a troubleshooting guide


  1. From the Greenbank Church homepage ( click the “Watch Services” button.
  2. Make sure the time is at least 10.20am (9.50am in the Summer) and, if you think you have an issue, more like 10.25am (9.55am in the Summer) before clicking the “play” triangle.
  3. Under the “Live Broadcast” title there will be a black rectangle with a “play” triangle in the centre. Click this and the live stream should start with a static picture of Greenbank Church. If you get this skip to E. below.
  4. If you clicked the play triangle and saw no picture, it may be because you clicked too early or the livestream is late in starting. Ensure your volume is turned up: if after a few minutes you hear no sound, click the “refresh button” – this is at the top of your web browser and has a circular arrow or two curved arrows pictured on it. This should return you to the black rectangle where you can re-try C above.
  5. If all is working you can move to full screen mode by clicking the two angled arrows which are normally bottom right of the rectangle.
  6. If, when the service starts, your device is having problems running the video smoothly, try the following:
  7. Close your web browser, reopen it and try again.
  8. Try a different browser, e.g. for iPads: Chrome instead of Safari; e.g. for Laptops: the new Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
  9. When did you last restart your device (tablet, phone, laptop or desktop)? Restart if it’s been a while.
  10. Still not working – make sure your Apps and systems are updated to the latest versions: iPads Settings>General>System Update.
    Windows computers – download new Microsoft Edge. (Other browsers – Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. – should update themselves.)
  11. Do you have a good internet connection?  Does it normally play videos OK, e.g. from YouTube? If not, ask your Internet Service Provider for a better connection. Many streets in the UK now have a green junction box bringing fibre broadband to the street. If you are not on fibre broadband you could ask about it. It may not cost a lot more.
  12. If you are not sure whether you’re connection is good enough you could do a speed test, e.g. the Ookla Speedtest ( Ensure that the download  speed is at least 3 Megabits per second.
  13. You can always ask Greenbank for help. Call David Ferguson on 445 2838.

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