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Greenbank Parish Church, Edinburgh

Sunday 11th April 2021
The Second Sunday of Easter

In-Person and Livestreamed Worship

Order of Service

Hymns are from CH4 and Readings are from NRSV

   Chorale Prelude
Erstanden ist der heilig Christ
      by J.G. Walther

   Redemption by M.E. Bossi
   Played live by Alberto Massimo

Welcome and Intimations

Hymn 430: Christ has risen while earth slumbers
[Tune: Neander]

Prayer of Approach and Confession, singing
Lord, have mercy, at Hymn 777

The Lord’s Prayer

Shared in common [based on Acts 4: 32–35]

Song: Come, people of the risen king

Reading: 1 John 1:1–2:2
   [Reader: Kenny Htet-Khin]

Psalm 133 sung in Scots [Haddington Psalms]

Reading: John 20: 19–31
[Reader: Viven Hutchison]

Hymn 609: Come living God, when least expected
  [Tune: Sunset]


Offering, during which we sing Amazing Grace
[Tomlin version]

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession during
  which we sing successively as a response the
  verses of Hymn 596, Breath on me breath of God
  [Tune: Veni Spiritus] [Prayers led by Katie Bogie]

Hymn 252: As a fire is meant for burning
  [Tune: Beach Spring]

Benediction with Sung Amen at Hymn 825

   Grand Choeur Dialogue by Eugene Gigout
   Played live by Alberto Massimo

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