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Latest Order of Service

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Greenbank Parish Church, Edinburgh
Sunday 21st April 2024
Fourth Sunday of Easter
Sacrament of Baptism

In-Person and Livestreamed Worship, 10.30am

Worship Leader: Rev Julia A. Cato
Guest Organist: Henry Wallace

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Order of Service

(Hymns are from CH4 and readings are from NRSV)

Organ: Preludio ‘Sine Nomine’, by Herbert Howells

Welcome and Intimations

Call to Worship

Hymn 198: Let us build a house  [Tune: Two Oaks]

Prayers of Adoration and Confession

The Lord’s Prayer

The Sacrament of Baptism

Hymn 796: The Lord bless you and keep you  [Tune: The Lord bless thee and keep thee (Mason)]

Hymn 359: He came down that we may have love [Tune: He Came Down]

Reading: Psalm 139 13–18 (OT p589)  [Reader: Elizabeth Htet-Khin]

Choir Anthem: The Strife is O’er, by Henry Ley

Reading: 1 John 4: 16–21 (NT p238)  [Reader: Fiona Grant]

Hymn: Down to the river to pray


Offering, during which we sing Hymn 669: O thou, who at thy Eucharist did pray  [Tune: Song 1]

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession, led by Kenny Htet-Khin

Hymn 419: Thine be the glory  [Tune: Maccabaeus]

Benediction, with sung Amen at Hymn 822

Organ: Prelude and Fugue in F major, by Dietrich Buxtehude


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