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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 20th January 2021

Click here for competition ending 13 January

Photographs submitted (most recent first):

14: No noise from the neighbours!
Moira Davidson

13: Reflections on Ice
Inverleith Park

Second most popular photo
Susan Black

12: Concealment
One of a flock of House Sparrows on the Braids

Pamela Jack

11: Nearly midnight
Taken through the window – some interesting shapes

Pamela Jack

10: Daphne bholua in the garden
Roger Bland

9: Serenading robin
lifting my spirits on a walk

Most popular photo
Kathleen Patrick

8: Joining the Twitter Choir
birds twittering musically opposite Morrisons – a joy to listen and watch
Kathleen Patrick


7: From my study window
10am on 20th January 2021

Kathleen Patrick

6: A view of the castle
in the sunshine after the snow

Pauline MacDonald

5: Craighouse
the old and the new, side by side

Pauline MacDonald

4: Feeling the cold!
Christina Morrow

3: New Year litter picking on a daily walk
Janet Edwards

2: Long term lockdown project
Susan Black

1: Now we know who's taking our bulbs!
Susan Black


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