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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 10th March 2021

Click here for competition ending 3rd March 2021

Photographs submitted (most recent first):

11: Seen through the eyes of a child this plant is magic!
David Ferguson

10: It’s been a hard day!
The Community Garden at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Most popular photo
Moira Davidson

9: Spring Clean at the Ross Fountain
Princes Street Gardens

Moira Davidson

8: Wildlife Mural – Figgate Park
Susan Black

7: Reflections over Clubbiedean Reservoir
Susan Black

6: Daffs in sustainable container
No marks for presentation!

David Jack

5: Lenten crocuses in Buckstone woods
Kathleen Patrick

4: Panorama from Carnethy Hill
Duncan Macniven

3: Skimmia at Braid Bowling Club
Kathleen Patrick

2: Latte art (from a Boughton House ceiling)
Janet Edwards

1: Heron near Blackford Pond
Searching for nest sites maybe?

2nd most popular photo
Pam Jack


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