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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 10th June 2020

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Photographs submitted (most recent first):

16: Two Bee or not to be!
Buff tailed bumblebees in Saughton Gardens

Moira Davidson

15: One Plant — a Family of Faces!
Joint most popular photo!
Rachel McWilliam

14: Gliding over Caerketton
Kathleen Patrick

13: An unusual sight over Fairmilehead
Kathleen Patrick

12: Bee on pansy flower waiting for the sun
Joint most popular photo!
Lorna Perriss

11: Escape to the Country
Loch Mealbrodden near Crieff, or a least an impressionist view of it

Ray Dely

10: All tied up with nowhere to go
Valerie Macniven

9: Hearts for Hospitals
Knitted hearts requested by hospitals: one of the hearts is given to the patient, and one is kept by the loved ones at home

Hazel Macaulay

8: Every little helps, especially during lockdown
Kathleen Patrick

7: Keeping watch on a rooftop
Kathleen Patrick

6: A hot dog on a summer’s day
Rosie in Fairmilehead Park

Isabel Graham

5: Normally it’s only juice at communion
but these are not normal times!!

Pauline Walker

4: Fabulous Foxgloves
Janet Edwards

3: The new normal – local electric bike deliveries
Pamela Jack

2: Lockdown at Newhaven
(These are viruses around the masked highlander!)

Alison Murison

1: Where’s her beak?
Jill Powlett-Brown


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