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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 10th February 2021

Click here for competition ending 3 February 2021

Photographs submitted (most recent first):

16: “The White Lady” will be well camouflaged on her walk!
Joint most popular photo
Susan Black

15: Sunshine, snow and shadow at St Roque
Moira Davidson

14: The earth stood hard as iron
Moira Davidson

13: Sunset Silhouette
Christina Morrow

12: The calm before the snowstorm
Jenny Wright

11: Molly enjoying the snow a bit too much!!!
Hazel Macaulay

10: The Hermitage with a flicker of sun
Hazel Macaulay

9: Molly in the Hermitage
Hazel Macaulay

8: Looking towards Rosslyn Chapel
in a snowstorm today

Ewan Hastings

7: Snow Mail
Joint most popular photo
Kathleen Patrick

6: A rare view of Inchkeith covered in snow
(from the Braids)

David Jack

5: A Pretty Reminder of Marchmont Milky Days!
(see tiling behind gate)

Joint most popular photo
Rachel McWilliam

4: Snowed-in Bird and Feeder
Alison Murison

3: Stamps for Sri Lanka
Janet Edwards

2: A Seascape from Cramond
Pamela Jack

1: A Beached Whale
in the woods at Cramond

Pamela Jack


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