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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 6th May 2020

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Photographs submitted (most recent first):

27: Pink snow in Braid Avenue
Moira Davidson

26: Once planted, now admired from the street
Moira Davidson

25: Cycle ride past the Pentland Kirkyard
originally c14th, with huge ancient yews along its edge

Pamela Jack

24: Unbelievable view as far as Ben Lomond
Taken from our upstairs window on a May evening

Pamela Jack

23: Stevenson’s Swanston Cottage amid its cherry blossom
David Jack

22: Carpet of blossom
Anne Kinnear

21: Well, feet, how far have you walked this week?
Isabel Graham

20: View from my study
Kathleen Patrick

19: Lockdown Jenga!
(sent by our son in isolation in Balerno)

Valerie Smart

18: Blissfully ignorant of Covid-19!
Second most popular photo!
Julia Maillou

17: Light and shade (signs of our times)
Braidburn Valley Park

Susan Black

16: Wildlife Day
Butterfly cakes made while watching Osprey live webcam (Loch Arkaig)

Susan Black

15: A reminder that “We are an Easter people”
(seen in Camus Avenue)
Joan Fraser

14: Finished. What next?
Roger Bland

13: Unexpected encounter at Caerketton
Most popular photo!
Rona Ferguson

12: Canopy of blossom
above our bench in Morningside Park

Valerie Smart

11: Also a Child Free Zone
Alison Murison

10: No Stay at Home Policy for Birds!
Janet Edwards

9: Lockdown Lighthouse
Alison Murison

8: Princes Street, Edinburgh
Saturday afternoon in the time of Corona

Alan Ramage

7: DIY response to new Government guidelines
John Murison

6: High risk takeaway meal
at White Lady Walk, Camus Avenue

Valerie Macniven

5: Heron fishing at Elf Pond on Mortonhall Golf Course
Joan Moncrieff

4: Evening sky looking towards Fife
on 23 April 2020

Joan Moncrieff

3: Musical Accompaniment at Clap for Carers
(Social distancing meant others were not in photo!)
Greenbank Loan, Sunday 26/4/2020

Robert Young

2: Rowing challenge for the NHS
Greenbank Loan, Sunday 26/4/2020

Robert Young

1: Happy 100th Birthday!
to the newly promoted Colonel Tom Moore
John Adair


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