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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 3rd June 2020

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Photographs submitted (most recent first):

19: All Creatures Great and Small
At last after weeks of lockdown viewing three osprey eggs have hatched.
Louis & Aila feeding fish to their hungry offspring

Charles Black

18: Aliums in sun
Rona Ferguson

17: Very busy robin with a very hungry household
Second most popular photo!
Rona Ferguson

16: All things bright and beautiful…
Christina Morrow

15: A perfectly-formed home in our apple tree
Rachel McWilliam

14: Clouds dispersing after rain
Kathleen Patrick

13: A rare sight –
vapour trail of jet above the Pentlands

Kathleen patrick

12: Rock climbing – Bee Style on my Alium Giganteum
Isobel Thom

11: Another glorious morning at Blackford Pond
Sharie Perks

10: Kitted out for a sponsored walk for Alzheimer's Scotland
Stephen Hadden

9: Come, follow me
Cygnets on the pond at Craiglockhart

Pauline Macdonald

8: In the woods
Wester Craiglockhart Hill

Roger Bland

7: A seahorse and a dove
in the sky above our house on Saturday

Most popular photo!
Joan Ritchie

6: Feathers not fur!
Would you believe, seen in a garden in Morningside Drive?

Val Smart

5: Who put the colours in the rainbow?
Janet Edwards

4: Piping for the NHS
Andrew Dunbar pipes for the tenth week applauding, along with many of
his neighbours at Easter Steil, the NHS and all key workers

Julia Dunbar

3: Lengthening Evening Shadows on the Braid Hill
Pamela Jack

2: Peony from my aunt and uncle's garden...
now over 40 years old!

Janet Ferguson

1: In the quiet sunny days of lockdown
we hear the birdsong

David Ferguson


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