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This statement sets out the standards for data protection that have been adopted by Greenbank Parish Church Edinburgh

Personal Information

Personal information relates to living people and Greenbank Church records and has access to personal information about members, supporters and friends and about those of all ages who take part in the many activities centred on the Church. We realise how important it is to protect people’s privacy, to be transparent about how we use personal data and to keep that data secure.

This is how we look after personal information:

When we record personal information, with your consent, we will:

  • Let you know why it is needed, where it is not obvious
  • Be transparent about the use to which it is put
  • Only ask for what is necessary and not information that is excessive or irrelevant
  • Make sure nobody has access to it who should not; and let you know if and when there is a breach in security
  • Ensure that those handling the information are given guidance on their responsibilities
  • Ensure that where other organisations processing information on behalf of the Church are given guidance on their responsibilities to you and to the Church
  • Share it with other organisations only where permission has been given or where the law allows; and
  • Keep it only for as long as it is needed. This will include records transferred to the archive

We, in turn, rely on you to give us accurate information.

Access to Personal Information

Greenbank Church is updating and will make available a list of all the ways in which it records and holds personal information and, also, of where personal information is processed by other organisations on our behalf. The names of those organisations will be given with links to any relevant procedure or policy.

Details of how long personal information is retained will be listed, where relevant

Any person can ask to look at, or have access to, the personal information that is held about them or about anyone for whom they are legally responsible.

When you ask for information about yourself, we will comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

Any questions about the personal information held, or information about it, or complaints should be addressed to the Session Clerk; e-mail

The address to write to is: The Session Clerk, c/o Greenbank Parish Church, Braidburn Terrace, Edinburgh EH10 6ES

Disclosure of Information

Greenbank Parish Church may disclose information to other individuals or organisations where it appears justified or necessary.

If personal information is disclosed to others, we will consider:

  • if you have given consent
  • who is asking for the information and why they need it
  • whether the person who supplied the information would expect us to provide it.

Enforcement of the Data Protection Act

The Act is enforced by the Information Commissioner. If you are unhappy in any way with how we have dealt with your request, you can contact the Commissioner at:

The Office of the Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
K9 5AF

Helpline: 0303 123 1113

The website for information about the Data Protection Act and Guidance is at:



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