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(Credit or Debit card) Information re donation to the Lent/Easter Appeal

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Donating by Credit or Debit Card
to the Lent/Easter 2024 Appeal



Here is information about the online payment process you have just accessed.

This is a facility for members and friends to donate to the Lent/Easter 2024 Appeal, via the Greenbank website.

Processing arrangements and charges

To enable us to handle the donation process we have entered into agreements with two organisations:

º Data Developments, based in Wolverhampton, who provide a donations management system called MyGiving.Online;

º Braintree Payment Solutions, based in the USA, for processing debit and credit card payments.

For each transaction, the charges are 20p plus 1.9% of the donation. Thus


Cost Calculation

Total Cost


20p +1.9% (2p)



20p +1.9% (19p)



20p +1.9% (49p)



During the donation process, you are asked if you wish to pay the cost associated with your donation. If not, it is deducted from the payment made to Scripture Union Scotland and Morningside Hope. 

Your Personal Data

The donation process needs some items of personal information for processing your donation – your name, postal address, email address and whether you want to make the payment under Gift Aid; if you do, you will also be asked about your tax status. Whether you make the payment by debit or credit card, the card details, etc. will also be needed.

Your name and address, along with the relevant reference, gift aid status and the amount donated will go first to the two donation management companies and then will be referred back to Greenbank for administration purposes. The Church does not have access to your card details.

If you do not provide the personal data asked for, Data Developments cannot proceed with your online donation.

Data Protection Policies

Data Developments’ Data Protection Policy can be found at:

Braintree’s Data Protection Policy can be found at:

Greenbank Parish Church’s Data Protection Policy can be found at:

Greenbank Parish Church’s Privacy Notice can be found at:

The Greenbank website is supported by Church Edit whose Data Protection Policy can be found at:

We have been assured by Data Developments that:

º the personal data provided is used for the processing of your donations and Gift Aid only

º the process and the personal data are secured to card industry standards

º all data is retained for only seven years, i.e. current year plus six as required by the Financial Services Act and HMRC. (Braintree may keep it for longer as is common in the USA.)

º all staff of Data Developments and Braintree have been trained in Data Protection and there is regular refresher training

º any security failure or breach in either organisation, or in any of the processors used by them, will be notified to Greenbank Parish Church within 24 hours so that the relevant people, including the Information Commissioner, can be notified.


A “cookie” is a small text file that can be stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you use a website to provide information needed for processing and, in some cases, to give details about your use that may be used for marketing purposes.

The donation part of the Greenbank website uses cookies in connection with the processing of your donation but not to track your use otherwise.

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