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Z_Button Test - Givings Demo

Greenbank Donation and Payment Buttons

Here is a design for a Greenbank donation button.

This button is attached now to a payment mechanism, and when pressed it takes one through a process of donating to Greenbank Parish Church by the use of a credit or debit card (purpose in this case: 'General').

An email address is requested during the process. After payment has been accepted, an acknowledgement email is sent.

Here is a design for a Greenbank payment button.

At present it is not connected to any payment mechanism.

It could be used when someone is paying for a product or service from Greenbank, such as concert tickets or attendance at Holiday Club.

The design of these buttons is preliminary. They could well change in size, shape and design.

Two different buttons are provided in order to distinguish between making a donation and making a payment (for an item or service). These different types of payment will be handled differently by the system.

It is expected that the donation button will be used in different contexts within the website.
The donation button above is currently connected to 'General' giving, and could appear on the front page of the website.

If at some stage Greenbank decided to have a 'Roof Fund' appeal, say, then there could be a separate page on the website specifically for this fund-raising effort. It would contain the same design of donation button as on the front page, but if pressed would lead to a donation in favour of the 'Roof Fund'.




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