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NEST Appeal

Near East School of Theology
(NEST) Appeal

Beirut after the explosion

[Note that this page is not linked to the website. It could be used as a template for future special appeals, particularly the button, which is liked to a mechanism where payments are marked 'Special', and can be identified as being for the current appeal.]

Aid for Friends in Beirut

We were all shocked by the enormous explosion in Beirut in early August 2020, and its impact on that city and its population. Our friend, Prof. Iain Torrance, wrote to ask whether Greenbank might consider making a financial donation to help support the reconstruction of the Near East School of Theology (NEST). Iain wrote:

“I was appalled last night to hear about the explosion in Beirut and watched the film on the internet. For a number of years I used to visit the Near East School of Theology, where the principal is a Princeton Theological Seminary graduate. He sent me the message below this morning. I wondered if Greenbank might consider making even a small gift to them? It would be greatly appreciated and they are the main Protestant theological school in the Near East. With my thanks for considering this and best wishes to you all.”

How will we help?

Greenbank's Moderator’s Committee have decided that we should respond to this quest and would like to pledge at least £500 towards the School’s reconstruction. Could you help? We invite donations towards this total, and will send on whatever we receive. In the circumstances, the best way to do this is for you to use the button below, or send money by bank transfer to the church bank account. Alternatively, you could send a cheque to the Church Office.

Bank Details

            Bank of Scotland, Morningside Road, Edinburgh
            Account: Greenbank Parish Church
            Sort Code: 80-02-77
            Account Number: 00371917

NB please include the identifier “NEST APPEAL” on the Bank Transfer or written on the back of the cheque.



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