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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 29th April 2020

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Photographs submitted (most recent first):

27: Thirty minutes old & oblivious of Lockdown & COVID-19!
Christina Morrow

26: Shed paint, from The Paint Shed, painted on the shed, by the shed painter!
David Jack

25: Sun departing, moon and planet appearing!
Joint second most popular photo!
Pamela Jack

24: The Castle's impregnable
Duncan Macniven

23: New neighbour – the other four ran away!
Alasdair MacNeill (submitted by Moira MacNeill)

22: M & M’s surprise
(from my granddaughters Martha and Macy when dropping off shopping)

Catherine Denham

21: April 28th – Reason Revealed!
(See photograph number 11 below)

Valerie Smart

20: The Church at the corner
David Ferguson

19: United despite Lockdown
Jesus bids us shine with a pure clear light,
like a little candle burning in the night.
In this world of sadness, so let us shine;
you in your small corner and I in mine.

Joint second most popular photo!
Julia Maillou

18: Striking sunset
Morven Ferguson

17: Occupational therapy for a shut in knit-wit
Anne Oxbrow

16: Knitted teddies for the grandchildren!
Gillian Sweetman

15: Garden Shops all shut!
A lockdown repair on the garden hose reel

John Mowat

14: Happy Face at Braid Hills Approach
Isabel Graham

13: Geraniums grown from just one small plant
bought from John Mowat's Christian Aid Plant Sale, two years ago. Thank you, John.

Pauline MacDonald

12: "Only God can make a tree"
Pauline MacDonald

11: Drop me a line if you’re feeling blue!
Balcarres Street, April 24th, newly painted day before! Do we have the other rainbow colours in the city?

Valerie Smart

10: Grateful for City of Edinburgh Council Key Workers
Janet Edwards

9: From the top of Caerketton Hill
on Monday 27th April

Rona Ferguson

8: A new start
Joint second most popular photo!
Matthew Esser

7: A ‘Stair’ get together
for an 80th birthday to remember

Valerie Smart

6: Now I know who is lining their nest with our doormat!
Most popular photo!
Catherine Hardie

5: Nature reserve, Hermitage of Braid
Michael Struthers

4: Social distancing, Midmar allotments
Michael Struthers

3: Looking over Spring Fields
towards Boghall Farm in the Pentland Hills, on a recent lockdown walk

Ewan Hastings

2: Sunset over distant Fife hills - from home
Kathleen Patrick

1: Daily walk?
Kathleen Patrick


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