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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 22nd April 2020

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Photographs submitted (most recent first):

20: Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens
Moira Davidson

19: CORONA-tion Walk in the sunshine
Moira Davidson

18: Swan on nest at Craiglockhart Pond
Taken on Wednesday 22nd April

Joint most popular photo!
Fiona Perriss

17: Missing the Grandchildren
Joint most popular photo!

Alison Murison

16: Sewing Scrubs for our NHS Workers
Janet Edward's friend Fi

15: Feeling fortunate to be taking walks to picturesque places
David Ferguson

14: When will it be finished?
Susan Black

13: Taking time to stop & read
local history on Pentland Terrace / Braidburn Park

Susan Black

12: Blessed with colour in Elliot Road
John Adair

11: This will keep us busy...
John Adair

10: Spot Greenbank Church
Ewan Walker

9: Look to a brighter future
Stuck to a railway footbridge in Morningside

Valerie Smart

8: With all the exercise, we are shadows of ourselves: guess who?
Isabel Graham

7: Foraging for Extra Flavour – Wild Garlic
Janet Edwards

6: Appreciation
Ishbel Clark

5: I to the hills will lift mine eyes – from home
Kathleen Patrick

4: A new way of shopping?
Dorothy Whitehead

3: Sign of Hope!
Saturday 11th April over Braid Hills

Anne Watson

2: Message of Hope and Love
in Maxwell Street’s version of 'Hearts from NZ'

Valerie Smart

1: Wee Scottish treats for a wee bit of giving
John Adair


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