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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 15th April 2020

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Photographs submitted (most recent first):

33: Florence Nightingale Window
Moira Davidson

32: View from Blackford Hill on Easter Sunday afternoon
Joint most popular photo!
Moira Davidson

31: Heron at the pond, Mortonhall Golf Course
taken on Friday 10th March

Rona Ferguson

30: A Cake For Our Times!
Lockdown Life prompted our neighbours' children to get creative. Delicious!

Rachel McWilliam

29: Quiet time to properly watch the garden wildlife
Katie Bogie

28: From Castlelaw on Easter Saturday
Beautiful late afternoon run - from home!

Katie Bogie

27: Two-tone Fritillaries at Braid Mount
David Jack

26: Camellia brightening Lockdown Days
Walter Crosbie

25: Sun shining on quince blossom in our garden
Sometimes what you see by accident is most interesting; you see things by accident if you have time. Now I have the luxury of time.

Joan Ritchie

24: The Caiy Stane
Seen on my walk on 14 April – a reminder of ancient days

Isabel Graham

23: No excuse
Roger Bland

22: Delicate harbinger of spring below my balcony
Kathleen Patrick

21: View from my balcony
Kathleen Patrick

20: ‘Pink‘ full moon Tuesday 7 April
Taken in Morningside Park

Nora Kellock

19: ‘Pink‘ full moon Tuesday 7 April
Taken in Morningside Park

Nora Kellock

18: Easter at home
Kathleen Patrick

17: Magnolia Stellata
a star in our garden

Alison Murison

16: Thanks
Our Bristol Grandkids say Thanks

Isobel and Ian Thom

15: The Haircut
If she were your sister, would you trust her?
Joint most popular photo!

Ishbel Clark

14: Easter Sunday afternoon from the front garden
There’s no need to go far to find beauty

Pamela Jack

13: Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday
– enough for the family as usual but ... !

Pamela Jack

12: Avoid Unnecessary Travel
Lothianburn Junction, Easter Sunday Afternoon

Ishbel Clark

11: Maundy Thursday communion at home
Duncan Macniven

10: Woman, why are you crying?
Mary Magdalene meets Jesus in the garden

Janet Edwards

9: My little Easter Cactus burst into bloom on cue today — EASTER SUNDAY!
Elizabeth Htet-Khin

8: Easter tree
Pauline Walker

7: Maisie from Morningside and friends
in Wellington, NZ send a message of love
(hearts by Hannah, aged 4)

Val Smart

6: Easter tree
with decades of family Easter decorations

John Adair

5: Maunday Thursday communion
What a fortunate Church we are to have this online ability

John Adair

4: The highlight of my dog walking week
Taken from Merchants Golf Club near the top of Easter Craiglockhart Hill

Alan Ramage

3: Scout Camp 2020
We had 28 Scouts and 7 leaders camping on Friday night – 18 Scouts and 6 leaders in tents in gardens, rest in dens indoors!

Duncan Macniven

2: Home Communion, Maundy Thursday
Using the plate bought in Oberammergau on our 2010 Greenbank trip to the Passion Play

Susan Black

1: Easter Tree
Flowers, eggs, green buds opening

Edith Armit


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