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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 8th April 2020

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Photographs submitted (most recent first):

28: Rhubarb, rhubarb!
Rhubarb thriving in Midmar allotment, still open to plot holders during the lockdown

Ray Land


27: A host of golden daffodils
Wordsworth would have been pleased to to see these lovely daffodils in Braidburn Valley Park, 'Tossing their heads in sprightly dance'.

Ray Land

26: Braidburn Park
Helping us through this challenging time!

Irene-marie Esser

25: Some spring BBQ sides
We all need a bit of sweetness in our lives just now!

Matthew Esser

24: Sunshine service in the sun drenched porch
Best not to assume Mum’s sleeping during the service ...... Oops!!

Neil Hunter

23: One hour on a freedom machine, in spring sunshine
John Adair

22: The joy of a quiet road... on autopilot!
John Adair

21: Supermoon on Tuesday
Moira Davidson

20: Bluebells
To see a world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower  
(William Blake)

Moira Davidson

19: Sunset over Craiglockhart Hill
– now the clocks have changed!

Pamela Jack

18: Oblivious to what’s going on
The joy of new life

David Allan

17: The garden is getting more attention than usual just now!
Hazel Macaulay

16: Bread on the Doorstep!
Thank you, Andante

Rachel McWilliam

15: Thankfully no Social Distancing for these daffs on Bruntsfield Links!
Rachel McWilliam

14: Butterbur in Braidburn Valley Park
Isabel Graham

13: Chalk Rainbow, Canaan Lane
Near site of new school

Hazel Macaulay

12: Portrait of my husband as a young man
Big hair and sideburn days

Alison Murison

11: Social distancing in the Braidburn Valley
David Ferguson

10: Lockdown at Blackford Pond
The virus has stopped man made leisure
But it cannot thwart Nature's pleasure

Moira Little

9: Teddy in lockdown
I climbed up to the window sill at the front
So I could be spotted on the Childrens Bear Hunt
I wanted to be up there in full sight
So I could clap at 8 on Thursday night!

Moira Little

8: Social Distancing
Bicycles at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital observing government guidelines

Alison Murison

7: Our wonderful Minister
Most popular photo!
Christina Morrow

6: Spring has sprung
Crocus found in a garden in Pentland Terrace

Ray Land

5: Heart in the road
A heart found in the tarmac in Pentland Terrace

Ray Land

4: Lockdown Birthday
Home-made card (on left) showing our garden shed

Alison Murison

3: Telephone Service
Relaying Martin’s sermon by telephone to a member without internet access

Janet Edwards

2: Food Delivery
Our tentipi resident volunteer, Grant, returns from shopping with our food box on his electric cargo bike

John Mowat

1: Unfortunately my hairdresser is closed at the moment
Second most popular photo!
Duncan Macniven


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