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‘Lockdown Life’

Weekly Photographic Competition —
finished Wednesday 7th April 2021

Click here for competition ending 31st March 2021

Photographs submitted (most recent first):

10: Duddingston Kirk
from Dr. Neil’s Garden

Most popular photograph
Moira Davidson

9: Campbell’s Magnolia
In full bloom at RBGE

Moira Davidson

8: Spring Window Art
Rachel McWilliam

7: The brightly coloured gorse on Braid Hills
unaffected by the frosts it seems

Pamela Jack

6: The Tatties are in!
Second most popular photograph
Pamela Jack

5: Braidburn Valley Park (morning)
Kathleen Patrick

4: On Greenbank Business
Neither an outside temperature of 3° nor a pandemic will hold us back!

Janet Allan

3: What's the time, Mr Wolf? THREE O'CLOCK!
Rachel McWilliam

2: Stockbridge Curls!
Rachel McWilliam

1: Giant Easter Egg
Janet Edwards


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