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Type of Information

Text, graphics (optional).


  1. Decide what text you want on your ticket. Reduce it to the bare minimum. Consider how to deal with reduced prices for children, etc.; or perhaps have more than one ticket type.
  2. Decide what graphics to include, if any: these need to be simple as well as relevant to the subject matter.
  3. Decide whether you are able to design and produce the ticket yourself, or require assistance.
    If the latter, supply the relevant components to your contact.
  4. Finally, you need to decide
    - how large the ticket is to be (effectively, 'how many from an A4 sheet'),
    - the thickness and colour of the paper or card,
    - how many tickets you want.
    The Church office photocopier can probably be used for this job: discuss this with the Administrator.

Notice required

There are two stages to the production of a ticket:
1. Designing it;
2. Getting it printed.
Each stage requires at least a day or two..

Other comments

After photocopying, the A4 sheets need to be cut. You could do this yourself, or ask the Administrator for help.

You may want to number your tickets. This can be done by hand, or using a number stamp if you can acquire one; the Church Office does not have one.


John Murison (design assistance)
Administrator (office printing)

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