Centenary Hall (north)

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The Centenary Hall, on the lower level of the premises, is a wooden floored, sunny double-height space located against the southern wall of the crypt and sanctuary. It was built during a major redevelopment celebrating Greenbank Church's centenary in 2000.

A lift is available to connect with the ground floor level for those who might find the stairs difficult.

The Centenary Hall is made up of a rectangular section to the south and a roughly square section to the north. The two parts can be separated by a sliding partition. (See photographs 4 and 5, below.)

The southern rectangular section is permanently occupied by Greenbank Pre School, and only the roughly square section to the north is available for hire. (Only this section is shown in the photographs below.)


From August 2018 the normal charges will be £28 per hour for the Centenary Hall. However, Halls and Rooms booked when there is no caretaker already on duty will incur a higher fee of £36 per hour.


The dimensions of the northern section of the Centenary Hall are 10.9m x 8.8m.

Regular Bookings

The Centenary Hall has already been booked during the times indicated.
(May not apply during school holidays and in the summer months.)

    09       10       11       12       13       14       15       16       17       18       19       20      


Centenary Hall: looking north east, with sanctuary wall on left. Note the covered piano by the door
Centenary Hall: looking north west, with sanctuary wall on right
Centenary Hall: dinner venue
Centenary Hall: drinks reception. Sliding partition on right closed
Centenary Hall: children's activities. Sliding partition on right open
Centenary Hall: Holiday Club

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