(Youth At CHurch Today)

About the YACHT Campaign


YACHT is Greenbank's ambitious 5 year fundraising campaign to resource our youth work. Please help to keep the Greenbank YACHT afloat!

Aim?  To resource, support, encourage and develop the Church’s work with youth and children in Greenbank.
Target? We have an ambitious target. We aim to raise £500,000 over the next 5 years
What happens
at Greenbank?
Here is a list of the organisations and activities at Greenbank (for adults as well as young people).
Why should I contribute? To invest in our young people. Greenbank Parish Church has a track record of supporting young people. The target fund will enable this valuable work to continue well into the future for the benefit of our whole community.
How can I contribute?

Different ways of giving are shown on the reply slip (PDF).


Here are some Questions and Answers about YACHT


If you wish to support our work with young people and help them steer
a steady course through life, please make a donation to our YACHT Campaign


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