Autumn 2015: Loving God and Loving Others

22 November: Isaiah & the Suffering Servant

15 November: Hosea & God's Love for Israel

8 November: Elijah and the prophets of Baal

1 November: Rehoboam is a nasty leader

Autumn 2015: God's Great Big Family

20 September: God speaks to Moses in a burning bush

13 September: Jacob wrestles a stranger at night

6 September: Abraham and Sarah welcome three visitors

30 August: Creation

23 August: A Great Cloud of Witnesses

Easter & Pentecost 2015: God's Love Is For Everyone

14 June: Psalm 20

7 June: Psalm 138

31 May: Nicodemus visits Jesus and learns about being born again

24 May: Pentecost - The Holy Spirit comes to the Disciples

17 May: The Disciples choose someone to replace Judas

10 May: Peter baptizes the household of Cornelius

3 May: Philip baptizes and Ethiopian man

26 April: Peter and John are arrested for telling people about Jesus

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