The Parish

We are, at heart, a parish church with 93% of our members living within 3 miles of the church. The parish is primarily residential, with a population (2011 Census) of 4,319 in 2,100 households. Many of our members live in bungalows or villas and property values are high.

There are few, if any, first time buyers in the area, which skews the age distribution of the congregation. It is an attractive place to live, lying close to large parks and to the Pentland Hills.

There are good bus services to the City centre, good local amenities and facilities, and a selection of Council-run and private schools at both primary and secondary levels.

There are few commercial or public buildings in the parish. Just outside the parish is the main primary school for the area; the Minister is chaplain. There are four nurseries in the parish, two of which meet in the church halls. Because there are no community centres nearby, the church buildings are used by many local groups.

Greenbank Pre-school meets in our Centenary Hall.        Nile Grove Playgroup meet in our Lower Hall.





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