We publish Connections, our magazine, 9 times a year in paper form and online. We did a major redesign in 2016 to give it better appeal for the congregation and wider community. The early autumn edition goes to the full Parish, as do cards at Christmas and Easter. We are  currently updating and refreshing our website.
We have an advantage and challenge in the fact that our large suite of halls and rooms are the only community facility in the Parish. They are used by an extensive range of congregational and community groups and are a major part of our mission to the community. On an average week we estimate that about 850 people come to the church buildings for worship or recreation but we have to work hard to form links between the groups’ activities and the mission of the church.

However, our Youth Associate now attends meetings of the uniformed organisations and is forming good relationships with staff and participants.

We are currently exploring how best to relate to the parents and carers of the children who attend our Pre-School, the Playgroup, two Toddlers’ Groups and the uniformed organisations.

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