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Greenbank Parish has a population of 4,319 (2,100 households) in the 2011 Census. The predominant housing type is bungalows built in the 1930s. Since the church is situated close to the north boundary of the parish, it draws many members from the Victorian villas and tenements to the north.

Almost all households in the parish (93% in the 2011 Census) are owner-occupied and, because house prices are high, most residents are families or retired people – there are few first-time buyers. Couple-headed households predominate (68% in the 2011 Census). Most people in the parish are economically active (69% in the 2011 Census), and of these most are in professional/managerial employment (59% in the 2011 Census). Relative to the population of Scotland, the parish has slightly more under-16s (20% compared to 18%, in the 2011 Census), and over-65s (19% versus 17%), with correspondingly fewer young and middle-aged adults. One-third of the people in the parish (1,446 people) said in the 2011 Census that they belonged in the Church of Scotland.

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