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Explore Faith and Life (Spring 2019)

Explore Faith and Life at Greenbank

The following was published as a leaflet in Spring 2019: Explore Faith and Life at Greenbank [pdf].

At Greenbank we are trying to offer chances for people to explore Christianity and to hear God’s voice in their lives. During autumn 2018 we published our first Explore Faith and Life leaflet, and you’ll find details of our spring 2019 programme in this new edition.

We’re really happy to be welcoming Church of Scotland legends, Jock and Margaret Stein, to run a Quiet Day for Lent created around the theme of The Last Supper, on Saturday 6th April. This’ll be a great chance to take time out in creative company.

The Community Bible Experience is a great way to get into or refresh your encounter with the texts of the New Testament, and also to get to know members of our congregation in a relaxed home group vibe. For those interested in deepening commitment to Christ, there’s the chance to consider baptism, confirmation and profession of faith at Easter, and an associated relaxed series of Sunday evening sessions exploring core aspects of Christian faith which is open to anyone.

Our informal Pub Theology nights continue on Mondays 11th March and 13th May, at 6.30pm if you’d like to eat and 7.30pm for drinks and conversation at the Hermitage Bar. Everyone is welcome to chew over the big questions of life in good company.

Thank you to so many people for helping to make all of this possible. I hope that you’ll take the chance to enrich your life by being part of it in some way!

Martin Ritchie


Read Big.  Read Real.  Read Together

Have you ever felt that you’ve not really got inside the Bible? Maybe you’re new to it all and want to explore more but haven’t found a way in. Maybe you were put off by how small the print is. Maybe you’ve never really explored beyond Sunday School teaching of great classic stories and what you’ve gleaned from being in Church.

Maybe the translation you were given was a bit old fashioned. Community Bible Experience at Greenbank offers an opportunity to engage with the books of the Bible with some of the barriers removed. During Lent 2019 we’ll be offering the chance for anyone to be part of a home group where we’ll read through a chunk of the New Testament together. Participants will use a new edition based upon the New International translation, but with verse and chapter divisions removed, and presented more like a novel than the kind of layout we’re used to. The books are arranged in the order in which they are thought to have been written, rather than in the order in which they have ended up in our modern Bibles. In short, the edition tries to bring the books back to how they might have been originally, and to help us connect better with the powerful themes and images found in them.

Participants will read the material for each week in their own time, then come along to join in sharing thoughts and experiences of the texts and the supporting resources in a home group at a time which suits them.

Like the Advent study series, we’ll be offering home groups on Monday–Thursday evenings at 7pm, and Thursday afternoons at 2pm at the church. These will meet in the weeks beginning 11th, 18th, 25th March, 2nd and 9th April, and are a great chance to explore together and to get to know people better in our community. Each group will have its own facilitator from our ministry team to be alongside them.

The materials for the course cost £5 per person, so we ask for a donation of this amount from participants. If you’d like to take part, please contact Chris Horne: Tel: 0131 662 0615 Email: christopherhorne2@talk21.com
and he’ll sort out a group for you and access to the resources.


Deepening Commitment

Adult Baptism, Confirmation and
Profession of Faith Programme 2019

At Greenbank we have folk from all sorts of different backgrounds. Some are new to Christianity and beginning to explore. Some were baptised as babies, and then went off on different paths of church and faith life. Some have been involved in church but were never baptised or been involved in any profession of faith. Some have been faithful members for years, but might welcome a chance to explore faith in fresh ways.

This spring we are offering the chance for anyone to consider baptism, confirmation and profession of faith or just to take part in a series of relaxed Sunday evening sessions exploring key aspects of Christian life and thought.

Our Sunday evening series will be from 6pm to 8pm in the Braid Room, and will use the slim but richly rewarding book Being Disciples by Archbishop Rowan Williams. We will also have three sessions exploring the historic Creeds (statements of faith), The Lord’s Supper, and Baptism.

Programme (Sundays 6pm–8pm unless stated otherwise):

17th March Decoding the Symbols of the Faith: the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds
24th March Baptism
31st March Holiness and Life in the Spirit
7th April The Lord’s Supper
14th April Being Disciples and Faith, Hope and Love
21st April (5.30am) Easter Day Dawn Service in Braidburn Valley Park with Baptisms –
              followed by breakfast at the church
28th April (10.30am) Confirmation and Profession of Faith at the church

The sessions are open to everyone, whether or not you have been baptised, confirmed, or professed your faith.

Contact the Minister if you’d like to know more or to discuss being baptised, and Confirmation/Profession of Faith:

Tel: 07984 466 855    Email: mritchie@churchofscotland.org.uk


Quiet Day for Lent

Saturday 6th April, 10am–4pm, Greenbank Parish Church

The Last Supper - Leonardo Da Vinci

Following on from our autumn series of Sunday evenings exploring different forms of contemplation, we are offering a chance to take some time out from the routines and hassles of life to spend a quiet day in the company of Margaret and Jock Stein. They are retired ministers of the Church of Scotland, well known to generations of Church folk as for many years they were leaders of the retreat and conference centre at Carberry Tower. They are now retired and living in East Lothian, but still active in bringing their great gifts of spiritual depth and insight to everything they do. Margaret is a skilled artist, and Jock a great writer and poet.

Our day will focus on the Thursday evening of Holy Week and the Last Supper, with a variety of approaches and something for everyone – meditative and interactive, alone and together, for eyes and ears, hands and feet, heads and hearts. There will be hands-on artwork, stillness and silence, reflective words, and engagement with images of the Last Supper. The day will end with the sharing of communion.

A simple lunch will be provided.

To register, please contact the administrator, Ginny Johnston:

Tel: 0131 447 9969    Email: greenbankchurch@btconnect.com

It would be helpful to know of any dietary requirements and allergies.

There is no charge for the day, but donations towards costs, including lunch, will be gratefully received.