Braid Room

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The Braid Room, a carpeted space on the south side of the premises, was built during a major redevelopment celebrating Greenbank Church's centenary in 2000. It is rectangular with one end semi-circular. It has windows overlooking the Braid Hills and adjoining tennis courts to the south, and an attractive roof light.

It shares a small kitchen with the Hermitage Room, which adjoins to the east. (See photographs.)


5.8m x 11.6m


The normal charge is £17.25 per hour (£18 per hour from 1 August 2020) for the Braid Room.

Regular Bookings

The Braid Room has already been booked during the times indicated.
(May not apply during school holidays and in the summer months.)

  09       10       11       12       13       14       15       16       17       18       19       20      


Braid Room, looking west: laid out for a meeting
Braid Room: small meeting at semi-circular (west) end. Note the electronic organ to the right


Braid Room, looking east. The rightmost door leads to a
small kitchen (next photo) shared with the Hermitage Room
Small kitchen between Braid and Hermitage Rooms


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